Rise Coffs – Harbour is an Incorporated Association established in 2019.

How It Works

RISE – Coffs Harbour is open to all boys and girls who wish to undertake personalised football training who live locally. We cater for juniors (Junior RISE) under the age of 10 Monday afternoons at Key Employment (Situated at 61 West High Street, Coffs Harbour).

Training sessions are held at Southern Cross University (T-Block) five mornings a week from 6:15 am to 8:15 am.

Our program is funded by the NSW state government, RISE Champions (local business sponsors) and community donors.

We have a partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation to supply tax deductible donations to our financial supporters.


Wellbeing is recognised as being important in its own right and as a prerequisite for ‘Strengthening the Individual.’ With growing pressure on associations to embed wellbeing content in an already busy schedule, many associations draw from external interventions, talks and one-off student participant wellbeing experiences. Many of these practices do not have sufficient support from research to justify and support their expense or the time taken to invest in them. The purpose of wellbeing is to discuss the importance of implementing and embedding interventions that are empirically robust. To ensure their sustained practice and benefits, programs also need to have sufficient scope and sequence within the association’s existing program and relevance for the RISE Coffs Harbour Community.

At RISE – Coffs Harbour we encourage Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishments (PERMA).

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